AB Reinforcement Grid

Roll out AB Reinforcement Grid

Roll Out Grid

place wall blocks on AB Grid

Place Wall Blocks on AB Grid

Stake Grid in place

Stake AB Grid in Place

Fill blocks and backfill with wall rock

Add Wall Rock

Compact retaining wall

Compact the Retaining Wall

Lock retaining walls in place with AB Reinforcement Grid.

AB Reinforcement Grid is a high strength polyester mesh geogrid that is coated with a black protective film. It is used to give added strength to the retaining wall by reinforcing the soil behind it. This light duty grid is manufactured by a world leader in geosynthetics, Strata Systems, and is distributed exclusively through the Allan Block Dealer Network. Find a Dealer Near You. AB Reinforcement Grid has been specifically designed and packaged to conveniently serve the landscape retaining wall market for Allan Block retaining walls up to 6ft (1.8m) in height.

It's Simple:

AB Reinforcement Grid

AB Reinforcement Grid

Grid rolls are biaxial and are designed to simply "roll out" along the wall. Detailed guidelines on every roll.

It's Convenient:

Packaged in easy to handle plastic bags. Available in two sizes:

  • 3 ft x 50 ft (1 m x 15.2 m)
  • 4 ft x 50 ft (1.2 m x 15.2 m)

It's Reliable:

Fully engineered to deliver the strength your landscape retaining wall needs.

Does Your Wall Need Reinforcement?

To find out when you need to reinforce a retaining wall, check out the AB Grid Chart.

Basic Steps to Reinforcement:

AB Reinforcement Grid

AB Reinforcement Grid

A typical retaining wall is reinforced every two courses. This process should be started just after the first row of blocks has been installed, filled, compacted and adjusted for level.

Roll out the reinforcement grid behind the wall with the edge of the reinforcement grid against the lip of the block. Place next course of block on top of the reinforcement grid.

Pull on the back of the reinforcement grid to remove any slack and stake the reinforcement grid in place. Fill the hollow cores and drain field with wall rock, and use on-site soil to fill behind the drain field as before. Compact the retaining wall and the drain field, with the first pass directly over the top of the blocks. Check for level and alignment, adjusting where necessary.

Stack and backfill another two courses of block. Compact thoroughly, and rollout the next layer of grid.

Do NOT compact directly over reinforcement grid or drive heavy machinery WITHIN 3 ft (0.91m) of your wall. Heavy machinery may cause your wall to rotate forward out of alignment!

For more information on how to use AB Grid, check out the basic retaining wall grid installation or download the AB Grid Tech Sheet