Desktop Version

Installing the Tool on PC

  1. Download the AB Estimating (Windows).ZIP file by clicking the button above. Save this .ZIP file in an easily accessible location (i.e. your desktop).

  2. Extract the AB Estimating Tool folder from the .ZIP file. The file can be extracted in several ways:
    • Open the .ZIP folder by double clicking the folder. Drag the AB Estimating Tool folder to its desired location.

    • Right click on the .ZIP folder and select Extract All. Follow the prompt to save the AB Estimating Tool folder in the desired location.

    • Use a thrid party application to extract and save the AB Estimating Tool folder in its desired location.

  3. Once the AB Estimating Tool folder has been saved in the desired location, open this file.

  4. Contained within this folder are two items - a resource folder and the AB Estimating Tool.EXE. These two items must remain in the same folder to work properly. For your convenience create a shortcut to the AB Estimating Tool.EXE by right clicking on the file and select Create Shortcut. Place this shortcut in an easly accessible location.

  5. Run the application by double clicking your new shortcut.

Installing the Tool on Mac

  1. Download the ABEstimating(Mac).ZIP file by clicking the button above.

  2. Within your recent downloads you will notice a file called 'AB Estimating' that has been automatically extracted from the .ZIP file you downloaded.

  3. Double click on the 'AB Estimating' file to unarchive this .TAR file.

  4. Run the new application titled AB Estimating Tool.

Estimate Your Wall Projects

Allan Block makes it easy to estimate your materials. Download the estimating tool below to quickly calculate the amount of block, capstones, and other materials for your retaining wall, patio seating wall and/or fence projects. This estimating tool enables you to estimate any of your Allan Block wall projects.

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Residential Retaining Wall Estimator

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Courtyard Patio Wall Estimator

patio wall estimating app

This design tool will guide you through the step-by step process of drawing up and estimating your patio wall project. Learn More...

Download Desktop Version:

Complete Estimating Tool for
Retaining Walls & AB Coutyard Walls

Version 19.0